Tweeting about social injustice is not enough.

Alicia Keys, The Guardian

“Three full-grown men in a 9-by-10 cell,” he said.

Vice, Obama on his recent visit to a federal prison in Oklahoma

Technology: Solving Global Issues

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle to visit the Microsoft headquarters and take part in their annual  Imagine Cup, the world’s leading student technology competition. Thirty-four student teams representing 34 countries competed for the grand prize, $50,000 towards building out their companies and in turn, their dreams. The winners were judged…

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Uncle Joey’s Life Lesson

There is no secret to success. Growing up secretly watching Oprah from behind the couch, I instilled the belief in me that the most successful people in the world did nothing but follow their intuition by doing what felt right to them. As I’ve grown up, I have held onto this idea and have discovered…

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