Partner With ME

Are you a non profit, corporation or just someone doing good? Reach out to see how we can collaborate.

Script (Writing)  – My favorite thing to do is to write pieces that talk about social change and justice, if you’d like me to write a piece for you or do a spoken performance, please contact me 🙂 {Previous Engagements include The Boston Globe, Harvard University, Scholastic, and more…)

Production– if you’re a producer, filmmaker or photographer looking to create content on social change, I’d love to hear from you.

Advising/Strategy-  if you’re an organization working on social change looking to create campaigns, work on digital or social media strategy, I’m happy to help.

 Create Programs that Matter: I’ve assisted in the creation of programs at Google, Tumblr, Dell, the State Department and the United Nations Foundation where I was responsible for pioneering new programs to help organizations engage with young people and increase their social responsibility. If you’re looking to increase your impact, I can help, it’s my favorite thing to do 🙂


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