2018 = happiness

Hi guys!


I haven’t been on here for a while ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I wanted to let you know I’ll be writing a little more regularly over at this new home: hopebyhass.blog . As you may know, my writing here is a little all over the place; I’ve tried so many things; I’ve tried daily writing, writing about work, about life, about things and interviews and so many other things but nothing was clicking; I’ve decided for this new blog I’ll be posting every single Thursday from now until April (and then I’ll decide whether it’s too little/ too much). I’d love love loveeeee if you helped me grow my wee baby blog and I would love your help in deciding what to write about. I don’t want to do daily blogs because honestly I feel like my life would need to be exciting and that’s not the truth of everyday; some days I’m plopped like a child fighting for every breath while other days I’m sky high and could land a rocket; no day is ever the same but I would rather talk about something that’s relevant to a lot of you and you’d love to hear about.

Follow it- comment- tell me what’s on your mind.

If there was an article on this site that inspired you or helped you in any way, link it in the comments below; would love to hear from you โค Thank you for how supportive you have all been, I appreciate you and love you all so much.

Yay for new starts: Here is my first post on ย Quitting the Internetย and what I learned.

This year is all about personal soul happiness for me; whatever makes my soul vibe, I’m gonna do. I feel the past year was driven by fear and I want to take this year to continue to follow my faith and I encourage you to do the same; if there is something that makes your soul click or makes your heart bounce, do it. Life is short.

It is better to live with a sense of love, for yourself and people around you than to keep yourself hurt. Find love in yourself and who you are, you are here for a reason. ย โค You matter.

See you on Thursday โค Click to Follow ย <——–

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