Listing To Your Gut: Now is all your Have

You will never have a single regret in this life other than, ‘man I should’ve listened to my gut.’ I was thinking about this a lot lately after I sort of ‘woke up’ and was like ‘what happened?’ I was laying flat on my bed and thought back to a time where my sole focus was writing. And even more specifically I thought back to an event I had in LA shortly after graduation. I went to interview an older ‘actor’ who has been in the producing and hosting world for such a long time and suddenly, all of these younger folks showed up in the YouTube and at that time, Vine world. ‘I wasn’t there to interview them,’ I thought. But they were full of life and joy and so much good energy but I stood there and said, ‘how in the world did I get here.’ I let all of the thoughts of doubt and pondering get to my mind and I ended up taking a step back. Sometimes God places opportunities in front of us and we have no idea where they’ll lead, we are meant to take advantage of them, regardless of whether or not we can see the outcome. Sometimes God will put something 10x greater in front of us but we are too blind to see the opportunity because we are too busy thinking, ‘how will this benefit me?’ ‘I don’t feel like it, I don’t want to, or I am not ready for this’ and so we miss out on all this opportunity. If you always tune into something larger inside of you that is tugging you and saying, ‘think of the bigger picture, this is so much more than you, you will do just fine,’ you’ll find your way to some sort of peace. Everything is not going to be perfect, it may not look like the opportunity you want but if you give it your best today, eventually that opportunity will tunnel into something larger; and again, into something larger and larger. If you choose to see the bad, you will stay in the bad. If you choose to invest in something greater, you’ll begin to see the opportunity and stay afloat. Be willing to say, ‘this does not look like the opportunity I want, but something about it seems right, even if I’m not ready, I’m willing to try it out because this moment is all I have. Every single moment I have is precious and moments make up life, events don’t. Moments do. Be here in this moment and hustle for the next .


Good night,




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