I went to Fiji this weekend

I went to Fiji this past week, for a couple weeks. I haven’t been to Fiji since my grandpa’s funeral in 2012. It was a last minute decision. I thought it would be a bit harder for me to go back, but I got through the trip and my soul came out a little bit better. We started off in Australia where my cousin had a wedding.

This is him below:


My cousin and his brother, also my cousin. P.S.Why are “guy” outfits are cuter than saris.


Most of our days were spent preparing for the wedding. I hadn’t been to Australia in 10 years so going back was exciting. I got to see my family that I hadn’t seen in such a long time and I got to spend time with my parents as well. I was the first one to arrive, and didn’t tell my sister or brother in law I was coming. I think they knew but when we went to go pick them up from the airport, I decided to hide anyway. I hid in the trunk of the car where they would be placing their bags. Upon arrival,  they walked to the car, opened the trunk and before they could put their bags in I popped out, ‘WAHHH LAHHH!!’ My brother in law threw his bags and chanted ‘I knew it, I knew it.’

But I don’t think he did. My sister was not surprised or she hid it well.

I tried not to post on social media but I couldn’t help but to #planepics on my Instagram.

We picked them up then shortly after we got my parents, they were flying in from New Zealand, we have family there too. Most of our family is between the three countries; New Zealand, Fiji and Australia. The wedding was lots of fun and when it ended, we did some touring around.


Here is a pretty cool photo of the Opera House.

During my first visit we did a lot of tourist-y things, like seeing the Opera House, going to the Australian Zoo and more; including traveling to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This time, we stuck to Sydney and did a small share of touring around; I did get to see Kangaroos- that was the most important part! They normally bounce around in some towns and neighborhoods but in the area of Sydney we were staying, it was tricky to spot them. One time, we spotted about 12 of them at a park, huddled in a group, but when the sun set, they dispersed and we never saw them again. So sad </3 But it’s okay, we ended up going to a conservatory where I got to pet Ralph, Roger, Randolph and all their family.


Here is me at Darling Point where I was scared we were lost forever.

After petting the kangaroos, we went to Darling Harbor and visited several shopping areas. On our way to Darling Harbor, we accidentally got it confused and stopped at Darling Point instead; where I thought we were going to be stranded forever because the schedule seemed to read that the last boat for the night had left but we just read the log wrong; the next boat was in 40 minutes. After which, we boarded and went into the city.


The ferry was big and you could see the whole city. People rushed from work onto the ferry and back to their apartments. It was all really cool to watch the rush from the outside. People coming and going; I thought about New York. How many times we take the skyline, The Statue, the ferry, the island for granted, or any major city; but someone is experiencing it for the first time; how important it is to never lose that curiosity about where we are because that is what will keep us alive.

Shortly after, we made our way back to our cousin’s and got ready for our flight. Like I said, the trip was very short; we only had a day or so to be tourist; but it’s okay, family was why we were there. Our next stop was Fiji; that trip was even shorter but I knew it was important to see my grandma; I haven’t seen her since my grandpa passed away.



My cousins and I.

I thought that this trip would be a bit harder knowing that it was the last place I ‘saw my grandpa’ and by “saw” I mean only his body as they burned and took him away. But it was a reminder of where I am from, who I am and what I believe in. Even if my grandpa was not here, I know that there is no person who can take his place, ever. And I’m okay with that. In Fiji we visited a lot of family and ate lots of food. We rode the bus into town and saw these mountains:


There are some things about your soul you can not change; there are some things that you feel are just written into your blood and destiny and Fiji is a place that always reminds me of that; it is a reminder to be happy and a reminder that everything you have here and now is all that matters; the future will come, everything will happen as it should, your destiny is carved out for you as it should be. As long as you are here, you will be okay. Love yourself, love this moment and know that all great things have a time and place. For now, we eat. To our health and the wealth we have internally; for it is better to have strength within than fortitude externally. Thank you Fiji, Australia and all of my family who helped make our stay great; we love you.


On the way back home to my aunt’s (my dad’s side of the family) we stopped at Denarau Island for a fire show and some dinner, then stopped by the water to take in the view. IMG_3167.JPG


We stopped for some corn on the way back to my dad’s side of the family and got to visit a beautiful water side, check out my Instagram for more.

It was all really beautiful, but the most important thing I was reminded of was: it is most important to love yourself, first. It is important to take care of yourself and your dreams.

That is what will keep your flame alive. It makes life easier when you have a deep understanding and relationship with yourself. You are important, what you feel and your intuition matters. Your intuition matters. Your voice matters, let it shine. ❤



Check out my Instagram for more photos!


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