Ways to Get your Mental Energy Back

The other day, or week ago, I was checking into a hotel when the man at the reception desk happen to pause. He looked down at my reservation then back at me. Again, down at the screen then back at me. ‘One night?,’ he questioned. ‘You running away?’ he added.

‘No,’ I said, a bit confused. ‘I’m just here for an event.’ ‘It’s okay if you’re running away,’ he said, glaring at me, pretty intense. ‘Oh…’ Hmm, I was stumped. I didn’t know what to say. Do I try to convince him I wasn’t running away or is he joking and I should let it go? I thought.

‘Mmm, if I was running away, wouldn’t I want you to tell someone?’ ‘No.’ He said, pretty quickly, ‘sometimes you need to run.’ ‘To get away, and take care of your mental health.’ I didn’t know what to say but ‘tru dat.’

As I was debating what to write today I decided I’d compile a somewhat list of things to do to try and regain your mental state (or at least a couple I’ve found that have helped me):

Wake up each day and remember that you have the chance to start over new. If there was something you did not like, or something that bothered you, the day prior, inch towards being better today, tell yourself you have the chance to fix it- even if it’s completing one more item than you did the day prior, keep going, keep getting up and keep showing up.

Move, Don’t stay in one spot. Get outside, change rooms, go down the hall. Get up, jump, wiggle your body. Sometimes we can scroll on social media for days with no end, and it can be depressing. Don’t stay on your phone, get off and move. Run a lap. Do 10 push ups every time you start to feel down. Getting up and moving is important. Run, jump, hop. Do what you need to to get your mental energy flowing.

Talk about it, write about it. Get up and meet a random stranger or talk to someone who is unrelated to the issue at hand. Say you’re having a hard time at work; go out, talk to a cousin, a new friend, or someone who has no idea about the situation to get your mind off of what it is you’re worried about.

Find what you liked when you were younger. And try a little bit of it each day. Maybe you liked to write? Or ‘playing teacher’ or singing?Β  Find something that came natural to you at 10 years old and try that. We were born with everything we will ever need and sometimes we just need time to be.

Pray. Worry or Pray, there is no need for both. Assess the situation and decide, can I do something to fix this? If the answer is no, then leave it to a higher power, if the answer is yes, go full force and ‘figure it out.’


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