Election Day: Invest in Something Larger than Yourself

I get asked a lot how do you _____________. How do I ____________. How do I become a _____________ and the best answer I can give you is to follow something larger than yourself. Follow your heart- or your calling- unless you are caught up in turmoil and your inner voice is guiding you to turn against yourself or out to hurt someone than I say listen to a greater good. Try and find the innocence beneath you- one that does no harm.

When things don’t go our way it’s easy to want to give up, and get frustrated, but if you invest in something larger than yourself, you will always find a way back to good.  Let’s say you’re interested in girls education, no matter the time of day or how hard things get, you will have a clear goal in mind- girls need to be in school, so no matter how many girls you empower or educate, there will be more out there you must help. It will keep you going.

When you have a larger vision in mind, be it girls education, human rights, or maybe making people laugh and find their purpose- be it big or small, you will find your way back to the work. This is not about you, nothing in this life is only about you, you must help others, however you can and whenever you can, while you can, for as long as you can.

That is something Hillary believes and so do I. I was reminded of this as watched her campaign video  and in it I saw someone who works for people, at the end of the day, no matter what age she was, she has worked to help people in any way that she could, this is what I respect and admire about her. No matter how you view her, she wants to help you and your family.


When she speaks, I see me and countless women who have wanted nothing more than to do well, to do good and to do something larger for themselves and this world. It is not because she is a woman, it is because since she was a young girl she has worked tirelessly from her heart on a vision she’s had in her mind on how to leave this world behind, a little better than she’s found it.  You can see this drive in her at Wellesley – You can see it at the State Department and even beyond that, you can see it when she speaks today.

She is the most qualified, dedicated and resilient candidate we have.


Even if you are undecided and think it is pointless, yes the President may not change your life overnight, that is not their job, that is your job. If you are waiting for someone to change your life, you will wait forever. The President is meant to inspire, work on serious issues and represent the country. Change takes time and the policies that they enact today will affect you down the road, be it in taxes or healthcare, it will affect your life- and in turn, change your life.

It is too important not to vote.

There are important issues on the ballot-and if you’re unsure about some of the propositions, I recommend Ballotpedia, it walks you through each issue, who is for and against it and why it’s important.

It’s easy to complain about wages or incomes or ‘why plastic bags aren’t free’ but these are issues we have the power to decide on so like Obama says ‘don’t boo, vote.’ Don’t complain, vote.

You have the power to decide on someone that represents you and your values. Vote for a candidate who will motivate you to get up and give this life you’ve got, that is what Hillary inspires me to do, and I know she’ll be able to move young girls and boys in this country and beyond to unprecedented heights and that’s why I am with her and you should be too.

For every girl, every America, every citizen who knows what it means to have to fight, to get up and go after something that is greater than themselves, Hillary is the most qualified to not only be Tim Kaine’s compaΓ±ero, but ours too.

Get out and vote, we need you. We need your voice. This country needs you and the hope Hillary brings. Vote today and let LOVE win.


To see where you should vote, find your polling location and remember to get out and vote today! 


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