On Movement and Doing What feels right to You 

Happy Tuesday! Hope you’re having a good day. I was writing this from SF yesterday but my phone died before the end of the night so I’m writing this as a sort of day late post. I was in San Francisco yesterday for a couple of meetings and events and ran into some people from High School (Hi Jameson! Hi Lena!) I boarded the Bart early in the morning, walked about seven steps and instantly regretted my choice to wear these:

I wanted to put on some sneakers but they didn’t go well with the dress I was wearing and normally my heels are comfy, but for some reason lower heels can be a bit less comfy than higher heels. Anyways, not important but kinda is, because the hills in SF don’t mesh well with heels, especially when you go down hill, it feels like you’re gonna tumble face forward. Luckily, I didn’t and I avoided an open street store bottom -floor street thing (you know what I mean) and didn’t fall in. I made my way to the Westfield mall next to Union Square and worked on some work I had then I headed out to my meeting. As I was at an intersection that seemed to go no where, I looked up and wondered where the heck this place was at, I looked around, nothing, no one. Was it the wrong address? As soon as I looked up I saw someone starting straight at me, ‘Cynthia?’ Hey! It was a friend from high school. Luckily he and the friend he was with lives in the area and were able to tell me exactly where I was headed. I made my way up the stairs and around to the next place.

After my meeting I headed to an event with Girl Boss Sophia Amoruso. It was a Q & A and she was selling her new book, Nasty Galaxy. On my way to this event, the address was wrong and I ended up looking for directions again. As I stepped into the Forever 21 store on the corner of the block to pull out my map, another friend from high school was nearby, ‘Cynthia?!’ hey! And of course, I asked for directions. I eventually found my way to the venue and had a great walk over with a really nice lady who was working and going to school in the city. I stopped at a bookstore, Starbucks then the event started! After the event I met a really cool girl on the Bart (hi Fara!) and finally made my way home. Being in San Fransisco is always weird for me because it sort of feels like home. I was born and raised in Modesto, so I’m used to the city but I always forget the cool things the city has to offer, the events, the store, the opportunities. Obviously, it has its rough patches as well but for the most part it’s a place of great opportunity. As I was headed out Fara and I talked about moving, different parts of the US and how everyone dreams to be on the opposite coast. If you’re from California, you dream of New York, if you’re from New York, you dream of California but in reality, it’s all about perspective an what you do with the direction you’re given, regardless of the physical location you’re at. You can be in New York and be miserable and you can be in LA and be happy, you can be in SF and depressed and you can be in Miami and sad, happiness is all internal, although external factors can influence you, you can see the same place in a different light depending on what is happening inside of you. It’s important to keep perspective wherever you go.

This is me lookin’ at something – enjoy

Life isn’t about a destination, it’s about what you do with it ‘on the way.’ There isn’t a final stop. That’s death. Don’t wait for that to finally start living. Do what feels right to you and keep living, keep going. ‘To live does not mean you’re alive,’ to quote Nicki Minaj who just did a beautiful covershoot with Marie Claire where she lookin’ Indian/Trinidadian.


Take Care and I hope you all have an amazing week! See you next Monday!


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