Everything is not about you 

Today I went running and really pushed myself to keep going. I did a couple laps, and pushed myself a wee bit more, just one more, then a round of lunges. Just one more. And as I started to finish my lap I thought about hard work and what is takes to make things you value a reality. 

I thought about so many times where people have stopped me and told me what they wanted to be; a singer, a song writer, an actress, an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, a business woman, and the list goes on and on. I started to look in the distance and the paint of two old cars reminded me of a Michael Phelps interview I’d seen for some odd reason then I started to think about the Olympics and what it meant to be there. 

Every single person there has trained, trained very hard to be where they are, but imagine if one of them said, ‘ I want to be a Olympic swimmer and that was it. Imagine if he/she/they said, ‘ I’d love to be a swimmer in Rio but never never did any laps? Would they get pretty far? Probably not. If they waited till the Olypics to swim, do you think they’d win? Maybe their instinct would kick in and they’d work their way to gold but that’s not the reality or fantasy of the situation because both take a whole lot of practice and doing, regardless. 

You can’t just say you want to be all these things and do nothing to make them a reality. Sports are a great example because you can easily see the practice and end results in motion. 

When you decide you want to be a swimmer; you get in the pool and you do laps, you do more laps. You race, you try to beat your own time and you practice an practice to TRY to master your craft, not necessarily to master your craft but to try because the work is never over. You will still want to beat your own record and keep going. 

In life, there are a lot of careers where you don’t and won’t know the end but you can control the input, how much energy and practice you put in to it. Think of it- the more you set your mind to practicing in the pool, chances are you’ll come out victorious. But that’s not the point, it’s about getting to swim, win or lose.

Are you putting the practice, work and effort into it? Your ‘it’. If not now, then when? It will always be hard work, but staying true to the work long after the feeling to work is gone is what will make things a reality, talking about them wont; it’s only the first step and even after the first step, you have to keep going.

God bless and hope you had a great long weekend! Happy back to work! Keep going! 

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