Failing is only Forgetting to see the Lesson

True happiness is a deep rooted state of mind deep within you.  In order to be happy, you have to take care of the relationship you have with yourself…. everyday. Not just when your health gets bad or your teeth rot. You have to nurture your own mind before you take care of others and you have to be okay with where you are at and be willing to move forward. You won’t get everything today but you have to learn, that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you won’t. It means you need time. Nothing is ever lost until you call defeat. You may lose people you love and items you valued but nothing is over until your life has been taken- the essence of your soul- that weird thing inside of you that makes you alive. The you that sees possibilities. If you have drifted away and see only fear, doubt and loss, then you have steered off of your path. Your path has no pain; the only way to love is to not compare your wounds or wards, to readjust your view and move forward with your life because no matter how much you try, you can not live as someone else, you were meant to live as your own. Your own being, your own vision. Be adamant about your life. Be willing to stand for things you believe in; know when it’s time to breath. We all have places we are supposed to be, you can not fail. Failing is only forgetting to see the lesson in your present. We only fail when we stop learning from our own behavior. This is a reminder that sometimes we need clarity. A reminder to breath, and be reminded of the things we already know. To let go and to live for the day. Today is all that is guaranteed but lead your life in a way that can last; how good of a person would you be if you were to live forever, how pure your actions, how great your intent. Live with freedom. Live with love.

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