I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately:

If you were to live forever, what would you do? And if you were to die suddenly, what wouldn’t you care to do? I ask myself this a lot.

In a couple years will I have done the things I wanted, lived in a way that I was happy and did what I wanted for myself and not something somebody else wanted for me. That is success, being happy and happiness comes from you- from listening to yourself, from betting on yourself and not giving up. What would you do?

What does ‘success’ mean to you? It’s different for everyone, for some it’s a house and three cars, while for others its internal peace and pride. There is no one way to it and there is no one answer. It means something different for everyone.But before you put a value on it and a price tag, think about what it may really mean for you. Think about what will actually matter down the road, what will really last- will those clothes go with you? No. How about the cars? No. But your passion, your drive and what you have shared from a place that is within will. Everything on the outside fades, everything is temporary.
Whether you choose to do something you dread or something you love, the same amount of time will pass, you can fail at something you don’t like so you minus well try something you like. Making that shift in your mind to work on things that bring you peace, not just a paycheck will ultimately be the thing that keeps you happy.

Anyone can make a fortune, but no one can do it in a way and in the manner you can-that’s because you are supposed to be you, he is supposed to be he and she can be whatever she wants to be. If you could do anything what would you do? Good news- you can.
And you will.

Go on and do the things you’ve always thought to do. They can be your reality- and not just in a dream.


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