I had to make some tough decisions today.

I had to make some tough decisions today; about work and my life. I was looking forward to this morning all weekend long and was excited to see the prospects of opportunities and feedback from some of the things I’m working on; I got none. I was so confused. Am still confused. It’s a weird thing to look forward to something.Β  It’s a lot of anticipation and anxiety, and general excitement but when it happens, it does, then the moment fades and goes away. I think we rush into things too many times, anticipate so many things in the near future, but miss out on how we and what we need to do today to make it a reality.

I used to be really good at this and am getting back to being a bit better about this but I think it’s something you learn as you continue in your life. Moments will come and they will go, no matter how hard or highly anticipated, they will.



Things will happen, and things will leave, don’t cheat your way, b—s your way or lie your way to anything, it’s not worth it, give everything you do your honest and full effort and attention and things will work out as they should, when they do, trust that things are working out for you. Trust the timing or your life, but also trust yourself, trust your voice and the things you’ve cultivated in your life. If you aren’t happy, are anxious or tired, move and inch close to things that release you of troubles. Inch yourself closer to activities that free you and make you happy. How we release and spend this energy can create good things for us down the road or bad things for times to come. I read this really good exert the other day that said, whatever you do, do good, when you do harm to yourself or others, it is like a plant, you won’t see the repercussions today but the seed has been planted, it may hurt you down the road, or it may never grow, we never know so try to plant seeds of faith, love and prosperity for yourself. Happy Monday!


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