Risking it all

I went to the library the other day and I happened to pick up this book on ‘Risking it all’ and in the book the woman talks about how sometimes we need to ‘risk it all’ in order to get what we want. She is an accomplished media personality and owns several television stations but back in the day, she didn’t know anything about TV; her husband insisted it was his calling and she stuck by him to make it their family’s reality. She talks about her husbands journey in Egypt and coming across refugee camps and noticing how all the tents had antennas. Despite the living conditions, people still watched and were connected by TV. He took this as an even greater sign that God spoke to him to tell him, he needs him to serve his purpose by sending the word of God through TV. The husband thought he was crazy but continued anyway. He expected God to give him all the answers, but he recalls on several occasions God not talking back, not saying a word. He asked God again and again and all God said was ‘start a TV network.’ He remembers being confused because 1) he didn’t know anything about business 2) he didn’t know how to do what he had been called to do and 3) he did not understand why God would want him to leave his life behind, the life God was already blessing, in order to start something new. Despite it all, he continued, he risked his life at the time, his savings and his career trajectory to start something new and he was blessed along the way. Along the way, he didn’t go broke. There were times where he’d need money an he’d suddenly meet someone along the way who wanted to invest in him, it was God guiding the way. It’s a reminder to continue on your path, the path that is cut out for your. We all get calls to do something, something that is unique to us  that has nothing to do with another person’s path but we can get caught up in the noise, caught up in what someone else is doing or where someone else went that we forget our own journey. You’re not here to be like someone else, you’re here to live with your own wings, your own breath and energy. You’re here to explore and sing in your own way. Don’t do things like someone else, learn from them but find your own unique journey, no matter how scary, you will be guided along the way. Trust, believe and keep going.


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