When you play, play, when you eat, eat.

I was playing soccer today and there were times where I could not stop thinking about the work I had to do. I finished everything that was required- but I still kept thinking about everything else I could do, how I could improve the project and other ways to move things forward. Here’s the thing, in every work endeavor where you are planning ahead or doing task that require a larger vision, it’s easy to get carried away and occupy your mind in its future, forgetting about the time you have to yourself and the time to actually enjoy  the people and things around you. It’s a reminder to always stay grounded to the task at hand, what do you need to do today? How can I do my best in this moment, right now. It’s okay to plan ahead, but don’t live there. Live here and right now, there is work to do but when it’s not work time, it’s eating time, it’s playing time, or whatever it is, do not get carried away or bogged down by what is to come that you forget what already is, be grateful for the time and opportunities you have right here, right now. Be here, right now.




Goodnight ❤


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