Do Your Best: Happy Tuesday!

Have you ever felt like there is so much you ‘could be doing’ or are capable of but you can’t seem to tap into your potential? I think you can, I think the biggest mistake we make is thinking we aren’t or do not have enough to fulfill our day, our life or what we ultimately want for ourselves. What you have right now is ENOUGH, what you are right now is enough. I started to think about this last night, throughout the day sometimes you’ll have moments where you ‘need things.’ ‘Oh no the __________ is running out, awe man, this is almost done.’ We have not yet completed the things we have in front of us but we constantly yearn for the next thing or ‘the new thing.’ I’ll give you an example, I love planners, my planner is almost due for a renewal, I only have two tabs left on it, May and June. I immediately thought, ‘I got to go get a planner,’ but chances are, if I do,Β  I won’t use what I already have left or I will rid myself of the gift already in front of me that I forget about the actual purpose of it; all I really need is a place to write my schedule, do I have that? Yes, do I need another one? No, probably not, I could use paper. In a month, I’ll shop around and the day will come where I’ll buy it. This is a small example but it can be used throughout your day, do you really need that? Do you really need all the things you say you need to start your career? How much of it can you teach yourself? How much money can you save currently for it? Do you need to spend $10 at lunch everyday or can you pack a lunch? Always understand your needs from your wants, it’ll save you time and it’ll save you sadness. We don’t need a lot to be happy, do your best with what you have, you’ll end up having more. Happy Tuesday!


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