It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter where you go to school, what you major in or how many jobs you take on, although all that is relevant what really matters is how well you do it, how much effort you put into something. How much of your heart do you invest in the things you do? It matters very little what we do, but instead how well we do it, how polite we are, how outspoken we are- how ‘we’ we are. Doing your best to be you -doing your best ensures you are you- wherever you go – that is how you guarantee you get to where you need to go- that is how you know where and what is right for you. Two people can walk away from the same exact opportunity with two different experiences, two different outcomes and that is okay- that is how you come to understand you were created for something very specific-follow what interests you- listen to how things speak to you- express that in your own way while understanding similarities- the human heart speaks the same language.

Lesson: It is about what you learn from an experience that matters  and how you get the most out of something is by putting your best effort into everything you do.

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