Focusing your energy on positive returns.  

Today I saw some kids flying a kite, it was windy, the perfect weather to fly a kite. They were probably 16/17 on spring break and decided to spend the afternoon flying kites after baseball, I’m assuming, because one of the girls was dressed in baseball gear. It’s crazy how our decisions and the outcomes of them are based on where and how we spend our energy, not only our time. How do you spend the energy you have?

Do your best to invest your mind in things that help foster your growth- after school programs, leadership clubs, sports, things that keep you busy because even though it takes a lot to have a packed schedule it costs a lot more to have free time- the worst thing about not being involved in a community or activity- whether a job or program- is the mental damage it can have on your life.

School, sports and other activities are meant to give us direction, they give us the ability to grow and learn new things but sometimes when we are disconnected from this- whether it’s events like spring break or unplugged from an educational institution – we forget we can still be learning- we can play sports, we can work on our rapping skills, we can take up dancing- you get the picture.  If you have downtime, spare time and free time, find something you like to do, a hobby, some hopscotch, softball, writing; do something to make sure your mind is still growing and learning in a positive direction.

Invest your energy into something good, day by day you’ll start to see the returns.

Lesson: When you feel impulses or jolts to do something, try your best to direct that energy in a good place,  practice managing your energy in positive outlets, when you do you’ll have positive returns.

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