Weddings and Funerals

I went to a wedding last night (pictures below) and I overheard a man meeting his friend after a long time and he said, ‘it’s so nice to see you, of course we’d meet here, there are only two places you get together- weddings and funerals.’

It’s a while before we figure out what we are all doing here but it’s a reminder that the only constant thing in life that can keep you going and make life what it is is LOVE, nothing else. How much you love, how much you laugh, how happy and how kind you are because one day, we’ll all be gone. It’ll all fade away, fame fades, things fade, everything goes away but your spirit remains in tact, do your absolute best to keep your soul alive, that thing that laughs for no reason and that thing that expresses her individuality. There is no greater gift than love because it is a reminder of why we are here: to make things around us better. With every breath in you, do something good. If you don’t find love around you, find love within you and when you do the right things will come to you.

Lesson: Laugh as much as you can, it is the cure for all of reality. Love while you can, it is the essence of fantasy. Wishing you and your family a happy Easter and a very good Sunday, God bless.

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