Find a Way: Find your Way

You can’t be what people want from you, you have to be what you want from you. No matter what your parents, friends or colleagues think you should be- you have to find your own way, you have to find your  own voice. At the end of the day, you have be happy with the decisions you have made. You have to liberate yourself from the thoughts of being like someone else, from being like everyone else, you’re not here to do that. It’s easy to forget who we are when we’re surrounded by a certain environments but no matter where you go always remind yourself that you don’t have to be like everyone, you don’t have to see and speak like everyone, you can talk and twist in your own ways. And that is totally okay. Do things in your own way- if you do, you’re guaranteed to do things differently. And that is what we need, your whole living body- soul and mind intertwined-  your essence and your energy- all into one- we need you.

Lesson: Find you own way, no one can determine your path but you, work on creating the life you imagine for yourself, be true to your roots, who you are and what you believe in, there is not one way to do everything. If there isn’t a way, find a way, make a way. Do it your way.

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