A relationship with… you

I have to write to make sense of things, to make sense of plans, budgets, life and other things. It keeps me sane, even if I never look at the pages again, I like to jot notes down everywhere I go. It keeps my sanity and reminds me that ‘everything is gonna be okay.’

It’s also a reminder that in the midst of chaos, confusion, and distress there is still a voice that knows what to do- that knows exactly who you are and still wants to be just that- someone who knows there is no one who is more you than you. Even if you tried, no one is given your exact thoughts, reactions, passions and actions towards things.

Sometimes we brush off how much we care or how much something affects us in hopes to hide the inconvenience of embarrassment it may cause or sometimes we dim our fire because we think we’re crazy to be ‘this concerned or hung over an idea’ but you know what?! There is a reason you were given the things, interests, upbringing and situations you were- there is a very specific purpose for your flame and fire and it is because you have been given the voice to do something about it and you should.

There is no one on this earth like you and it is a reminder to stay true to you and your calling. To do what you have come here to do and make sure it gets done. I found this quote that says it really well: ‘There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born.’

Lesson: You know that voice that says you can? That thing that tells you THIS IS WHAT I NEED TO DO, it bugs me when I see __, so I should do something good about this. Well, you should and YOU CAN.

Follow that voice, it knows your truth. The world needs your truth, the world needs more truth.

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