Choose to be happy

Things happen everyday, things that upset us, things that don’t make sense. When things get shaky you have to remind yourself, life is not perfect but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Life is full of hurdles, disappointments and set backs and even after we feel we have experienced the worse, there is always more life we will experience- you will have times where you feel like giving up, days where nothing makes sense, years where you feel voids, but if always look at the bad- you will have bad. If you take things for what they are, you will be okay. And if you look at things as lessons, you will be all the more fulfilled. You’re here to learn, when we give in to the ego of perfection we rid ourselves of potential progress.  Focus on what you can do right now-no matter what has happened on the outside, focus on being a constant for yourself.
Lesson: Choose to be happy. It’s a state of mind within you, not anything around you.

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