Bad or good-they can drag us down or lift us up. The amount of times we go back to things that aren’t healthy for us shows us that we have the ability to create consistency in our life- it shows us that we can be pulled to something better just as we are drawn to something ‘bad’. Things like- toxic relationships, unhealthy foods, items, things we know we shouldn’t do but we do them anyway-and slowly, day by day we fall into a place we don’t want to be. Don’t judge yourself, allow yourself to be okay, accept where you are at, encourage yourself that you can get better, that you will get better, that this will not be defeat and no matter how many times you hurt, you will get up and you will march to your ideal version of a better habit, of a better life for yourself. It is always the idea that we have fallen too far and can’t get back up than our actual ability to get back up that keeps us down. Again, it’s the idea ‘that we’ve fallen too far or failed too much’ that prevents us from rising MORE THAN the actual failure itself.

Habits come everyday- they also tend to slip every other week, but the trick to maintaining them is: 1) making up your mind and repeating or replacing the ‘bad’ with something you will do in place of it, example: ‘ I will grab water every time I get the urge to eat chocolate.’ I will stop social media at 9 PM and meditate instead of looking at my phone. ย Replacing the act with something else gives you another plan, an option to keep your mind occupied. ‘I will run when I get the urge to watch TV for hours, I will call my mom when I get the urge to talk to someone I shouldn’t, and so on.’

When we give ourselves a better option, we have a mental note of where we should be instead. It takes some getting used to but slowly when you do it enough it will create a new habit. If you have fallen, no matter how many times, always remember, you just need to rise ONE more than you have fallen- And you will be okay. Never think it is too late, there is always another way, another chance around the corner. Keep going.

Lesson: Don’t give up. Let go of the idea that you must be perfect today and focus that energy on building better habits.

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