I was looking forward to writing this post all day- which is an exciting thing. It makes me wonder why we do the things we do and whether what we’re doing is ultimately what we want to do. What is something you look forward to? It’s Sunday and I know a lot of people dread Monday, but why? Does the actual place-school or work- make you unhappy or are you around things/people you don’t enjoy? Maybe at school, you don’t have the best group of friends or maybe work is ‘to pay the bills.’ What in your life don’t you look forward to and how much of your time does it take?

I always loved school, even when I didn’t, I was excited to be surrounded by people who appreciated and loved me- that’s what I looked forward to. And when I didn’t have that, I made sure I slowly moved to new groups, where I met new people. It saved me. If you aren’t surrounded by people or a work place that uplifts you maybe its time to reevaluate how much you respect yourself and your own energy. Do you feel valued? Are you working on something you believe in? Is there an hour you can take of your day, even ten minutes to slowly work on something you enjoy more- if you want something, you will make time for it.

If you are not motivated by your surroundings, you will not grow and live to your fullest potential. This does not mean things are happy and well a 100% of the time but this does mean you feel you are valued and you feel your voice is heard and accounted for. We sell ourselves short when we don’t grow and when we don’t allow our self to be surrounded by positive and good energy. We rid ourselves and the world of our real gift. What is your gift? Even if you feel you don’t know, it is hidden inside of you. If your surroundings don’t motivate you, dig inside and find motivation within yourself. If you notice that you are anxious, fearful or depressed on the inside, it may be your outside that is hurting you- you need to shift into places and spaces that inspire, motivate and challenge you to be better. Don’t let people’s doubts and frustrations hinder the light and confidence you have- find people who want the best for you, you should want the best for you.

Take a minute: Think about who you surround yourself with-who do you follow on social media- what is the mindset it fosters and encourages? If you moved or had access to a city you loved or President you admired – imagine how different your life would be? I want it to think of your absolute ideal situation, your absolute truth and dream and slowly inch towards that. The more you believe you are worthy of love and happiness, the more of it you will have. When we start to change our thoughts, our life begins to change.

Lesson: If your surroundings don’t motivate you, start to move towards what does- no matter how bad things are, find the strength inside to move to places that grow you-places that inspire your mind to dream and spaces that equip you with the ability to do.

Have a good night and happy Monday! You will be alright. 🙂

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