Gratitude and focus

Our minds our powerful-they have the power to determine how our day goes, more than our day itself. I was  outside today and noticed my mind start to wander. But before it could I had to say ‘NO.’ No matter what you have gone through, do not let your past, or your fears have power over you -you rule your life- it does not rule you. We worry ourselves over things that never happen. We fear things that are not real. The cure- being grateful- for all you are and all you have, right now. It took a lot to get here, so please keep going. Looking back, I can see times in my life where I’ve been scared, moments I didn’t know where my life was going and days where I wasn’t sure if anything was going to work out but despite feelings of fear and uncertainty I was filled with joy because no matter what, I knew ‘it matters very little what is around you, and it matters more what is within you.‘ The things you are going through today-the things around you-no matter how bad- will not last. You have the power- the strength, and the resilience -within you to get through anything you put your mind to; your prayers will be answered. God does not disappoint.

Having a sense of faith and gratitude will allow you to focus on what matters. See how far you’ve come-instead of worrying about how much you have left to go- see how much God has done for you already- before you look for more- be grateful and focus on what is good and all you already are- focus on the good, if not around you- than within you, there is a place within you that does no harm. Listen to it.

Lesson: God is good, even when we aren’t. God is good.

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