What makes you:

Today was a good day. Throughout the day something inside of me kept calling out ‘don’t try to find meaning in everything, don’t try to pick the perfect post, picture or position- the best things will come naturally. No matter what- they’ll figure themselves out and looking back it’ll all make sense. Do your best to be in this moment, what tomorrow holds – no matter the disappointment or glory- is exactly what it should be. Don’t be in such a hurry to get there, don’t be in such a hurry to come up with the perfect post that you miss out on the actual moment. Sometimes I catch myself in the next moment- in the back of my mind thinking about ‘Instagraming something’- instead of judging it I simply made myself aware of it, put it aside and continued about my day: we don’t need to share everything and sharing your life doesn’t have to be in quantity-with a large audience-it can be in quality- one person is enough and that person can be you. A night at the fair in totally freedom an bliss with one person you really care about is far more valuable, memorable and important than an Instagram photo with a number of likes  🎡🎠🎢🍬Life isn’t about likes but I ask you-  do you like you? At the end of the day it matters if you are happy, if you feel whole, if you feel present and if YOU have showed up for your own life. No matter who has left, in and out, are you present for your own life? Do you like your life ?

Instead of thinking about the idea of something, or the results of something, or the potential posts with something, just live because life, life is good. We don’t know when we go or how we grow so we should enjoy what we have-right now- in front of us. Do things because you enjoy them. Reel yourself back to this moment and say, ‘I’m not sure what tomorrow brings, I can’t control it but I do know, I can control how I feel, how I act and how I react- in this very moment.’ And right now, I choose to be free, I choose to be happy.

Lesson:  In this moment, there is freedom …right here…right now .

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