I hope you had a good Thursday. If you didn’t, there is always a Friday. It’s right around the corner so hold- well sleep – tight- you’ve got a bright and early day tomorrow!

Today was a good and I think a productive day- it’s hard to tell. I spent hours battling with technology, but it’s okay, you just gotta roll with it. Our glitches are a blessing- poor wifi- still a blessing. But it’s a reminder that if you want something done, don’t be frustrated if you feel like you’re going no where or if you feel you’re going a bit too slow- there is a reason for it all. Either it’s teaching you something or showing you how to let go. Speaking of letting go- sometimes our ideas are what need space and time to grow. I say this because today I had this idea come to mind and, I was like ‘oo! I should google that.’ And as I had that thought I realized that about a year ago I had the same idea and ended up googling and making a spreadsheet with a bunch of data/research I needed, so this time all I had to do was pull up the old sheet. Over a year later, this sheet that I thought was made ‘for fun and maybe void of real direction,’ came in use and saved me maybe 4 hours of work and research. When I made it, I wasn’t in the best place and didn’t think anything of it, but I had the time and energy to do it so I thought I’d give it a try. In fact, what I thought I was going to use it for was not the same way I was able to use it today, but today it was far more useful than a year ago. Today, I had clarity with it and felt it had good use. It just comes to show, things will come around, maybe not in the way you thought they would, or the time frame you hoped for,  but they will come around, they will. It will take time, hard work and patience but everything happens when it should.

Always do the work and act on your ideas, even if they aren’t clear at the time, or feel too small, the work you do now, no matter how small, will help you down the road.


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