To all the Dreams: March

If you have ever had a dream, when was the last time you gave up on it? We walk through life and give up on things when they don’t go right. We think, maybe it’s not ours to have and so we dread our life and continue with a routine. But when was the last time you picked up your dream? Before you were told what to do, how to be and how to act, what were you? What was your passion? What was your hobby? What was that daydream you had? We become bitter and sheltered when we do not listen to our dreams. We fear what may happen, but you need to see that everything you want is possible, it will not kill you, but you must inch towards what it is you want. Even if you’ve been told ‘it’s too large, too big, much too much for you.’ It’s not. It’s exactly what is meant for you. What you don’t see is, your possibilities are large, your dreams are big, and your ‘too much’ is just enough for you.


If you do not know what it is, start to create it, start to move in a direction that excites you, move to things that interest you, start to do things that make you think differently about yourself and your life. It is March now and there are several things we may have wanted to do, maybe clean our room, move to a new city, or try a new craft. Whatever it is, you still have time to do it. Nothing large happens all at once, they happen gradually over a period of time. In smaller moments. And these smaller steps don’t define you or determine the trajectory of your life but piece by piece, moment by moment you’ll start to see how they come together and shape you. Just because something has not happened yet, or just because something has not happened after 5 years, does not mean it never will. It means it will take time. Even if you have failed before, time and time again, there is still time. It won’t be perfect, you might look back and say ‘jeeze, I was out of my mind’ but it’s okay because at least you tried. You will never succeed at anything unless you try and when you try, put in your full effort, if you find yourself disinterested or lacking the fulfillment, maybe there is somewhere else you need to explore before you begin. Don’t be afraid to try many things- skate, work at a bakery, become a teacher, run for office. Do whatever it is that brings you joy, because one day, it’ll all wash away. Because one day, our titles, our possessions, our positions, will all wash away and all we’ll be left with is whether we lived our life to the fullest, did what our heart said, and lived in a way that brought us joy. Anyone can do anything- travel, see the world, go to monuments- so don’t try to do things only because of what it looks like on the outside- this creates a false sense of joy, you can travel the world and still not be satisfied. You can take off today and see London, but if it is not what you genuinely want- if it is not true to yourself, you are living a lie. Do things because in your heart you want to, not because you think it is what others want from you, or because you think it will make for a good photo. This is the lens of your life, you control the settings, take the perfect shot by taking many. You won’t get it the first time, and if you do I applaud you. But if you find yourself stumbling, doubting and falling just a little bit, I say to you, keep going. Keep growing and keep trying all the things you still have left inside because life…life is meant to be lived aloud, do your best to make it known.



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