Through it all:

Life happens. No one is exempt from the tragedies life can bring; heartbreak, instability, death, hopelessness…

You need to find your peace. You have to follow the path that leads you to clarity and joy, or you will run the risk of being unfulfilled.

Learn to have compassion for yourself. How you see others is a reflection of how you see yourself, not them.

Your mind matters.Β If you think yourself to be helpless, you will be. If you think yourself to be on the right path, you will be.

What you focus on grows. Even if you are surrounded by bad, your ability to focus on the good will get you out.

Question things. Question things that don’t make sense. Negotiate opportunities, say no to things that do not serve you.

Do not compare yourself. You aren’t here to be someone else. You have a power and purpose that is all your own, listen to that.

Don’t take things personally. If you are made fun of, denied opportunities or rejected, keep going.

You aren’t what they say. Opinions drive our perception of things and people, it does not mean they are true.

You know you. What you think of yourself is far more important than what others think of you. Seek to be more of yourself.

Believe.Β In all the good and potential you have locked inside of yourself.


Through it all:

The only way to survive anything life brings is to accept yourself. The deeper you dive, the less upsetting the waves will be- like an ocean. If you stay too close to the surface, you will suffer from every motion the ocean brings. If you are in touch with the deepest parts of yourself, you will have no trouble riding the waves. When you learn to deal with yourself, you can deal with anything the world brings.



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