Entrepreneurship: The Dell Youth Track



In the summer of 2015, Dell launched the Dell Youth Track, an initiative linked to the the  6th annual Dell Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin. In partnership with Seventeen Magazine, the Caterpillar Foundation, Intel and the Girls Scouts of America, we brought together 22 girls and boys from 9 countries to teach them about STEM and entrepreneurship. Two girls had the chance to pitch their business idea on stage to Dell executives and the girls heard from individuals that ranged from Anna Marie Chavez, the CEO of the Girl Scouts to actor and advocate, Adrian Grenier.


Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network - Berlin 2015

Anna Marie Chavez, CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA, speaking to girls on the importance of community service and the Girl Scouts business model.

They learned lessons that ranged from ‘how to tell stories that transform lives’ to how to use technology for a social cause. The participants got to hear from a number of social entrepreneurs and journalists who all touched on a common theme in entrepreneurship: failure. Not everyone who is successful succeeded all the time, most successes are due to failures but failures should never be seen as setbacks: they are ways to grow and become the person and company you’ve always wanted to be. After the event was over, the girls had a chance to reflect, connect and create a community to continue their ideas far after DWEN. It is never too early, nor too late to start on the ideas you have hidden inside of you, believe in yourself and all your pursuits.

For more photos on the event,  Click here.

DWEN Youth Track-Laura Kai.jpg

Journalist Laura Brounstein and Seventeen Magazine STEM contest winner, Kai Morton.

For more information on Dell and their giving, check out their Legacy of Good.






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