Advice from Orlando Bloom

By his attentive stare, you could tell he had something he really wanted to address: he’s been in your shoes. As a young person who admires people living their dream, actor Orlando Bloom knows how hard it is to want something so bad and have no idea how you’re going to get there. He talked about times he was afraid and unsure if things would work out and says to anyone who has a dream but is afraid: whatever you put your mind to, you can and will do; whatever it is you want to achieve, you can do it.

Anything is possible.

…and the interview began.

Me: I know Craig (Founder of FreetheChildren) talked a lot on stage about how he was so afraid to express himself in High School and so when it came to starting FreeTheChildren he was afraid yet all he wanted to do was make some sort of change.

I want you to talk about that, what do you tell a young person who is afraid of being themselves and following their passion?

OB: First of all, that I’ve been afraid too. Being afraid of who you are is something you can overcome. Any challenge or obstacle you come across in your life, whether it’s afraid to be yourself or whether it’s bullying, when you look back on your life, those challenges and obstacles are the learning lessons, they are the things that teach you on the journey of life and if you learn to embrace them instead of being afraid of them, then it makes life so much easier. I’m not saying you’re not gonna have challenges but I’m saying you’re gonna be able to be happy in the midst of them and you’ll recognize how much you can overcome. Making that switch in your brain saying ‘I can do it’ will make all the difference.

What is an event like WeDay mean for you?

Well, you have incredible creatives, Seth Rogen, J. Cole, and so many more coming up here and saying ‘we were there too.’ I think every young person needs to hear this. We were there, right where you are, afraid sometimes. So go for your dreams, there’s so sign, no road, but go for it anyways, live with your full heart.

And when you do, give as much as you can. Giving will make your life more fulfilling.

What’s something you want people to take away from this (event) ?

Things you face are opportunities for growth. Keep going for what you want and keep doing what you’re doing. No one is going to hand you anything, your future is in your hands, you can make a difference in your life and those around you. If you help one person, if one person stands up and says ‘I Can’ you will have done good.


Special thanks for Microsoft for the opportunity to cover WeDay. Microsoft is a sponsor of this interview and a proud supporter of WeDay and Youth Movements around the world. For more on WeDay and FreeTheChildren, click here.


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