WeDay: Life Happens When You Least Expect It

On my weekly commute to New York, I got a call from a co-worker who asked if I was free next week…as in 3 days. It was Friday and he was referring to Monday. He didn’t say why but insisted I stay by my email. After getting antsy waiting for an email, I decided to take a nap, my bus ride was 4 hours and I needed to charge up before the the weekend ahead of me. So as I napped, I let go of all possibilities, all thoughts, and all expectations. I decided the email will come, so minus well let it happen. Let’s rest for now and react when it does.

When I woke, I got an email from Microsoft who asked if I could fly out to California on Monday (as in three days) to cover WeDay as a reporter. Without a doubt I said, “Absolutely!” even though I was not prepared for what was to come, I was ready.

I hadn’t booked a return ticket back to Boston out of simple intuition. I wasn’t sure if I would come back on Sunday or Monday, either way I didn’t book a ticket. Something in my gut said to play it by ear. And so I did. With the WeDay offer, I didn’t have to worry about a return trip, I’d simply fly from NYC to CA, and back to Boston when the event was over.

God works in amazing ways. The week leading up to this trip to New York I was nervous, which isn’t normal, I’m used to the commute and have packed for it on several occasions but this time, I was the kind of nervous that had me check my bags 70 times to make sure I packed everything. I usually pack an hour before my flight, not this time. I was over prepared, for all the right reasons. I paced my room, threw in an extra set of heels and packed a shaver, just in case. Most times, I forget my pj’s but this time, I forgot nothing. I walked down the stairs, making my way out the door, and stopped myself only to say, “What the heck, Cynthia? What happen to ‘just pack yourself, show up and the rest will fall into place.'”?? I didn’t understand what was going on, but God did.

God always has a plan. What I didn’t realize was I was SO READY for WeDay. I packed exactly 7 outfits, lasting me until Thursday (the day I flew back from California to Boston) instead of the Sunday/Monday in NYC I intended. As if that weren’t crazy enough, the night before the event I was told I’d be covering the red carpet. Chipped nails and all. Chipped nails and an outfit worth about $30. Yes to the clearance aisle. YES.

I didn’t expect any of this. Not one clue, not one inch in me could have guessed this, yet if you asked me how the event was I would tell you it was everything I’ve always dreamed of and more. To say dreams come true is an absolute understatement. With God all things are possible, but we must be so willing to believe in all we deem ourselves worthy of being. We, above anyone, must believe in ourselves, our dreams, our desires, and all our deeds.

When you step back and think about the times that made you happiest, chances are you were doing nothing but being your whole self, no expectations, no thought, no indulgence, simply being. So….be, be open to possibilities, opportunities, be open to living. Life happens when we least expect it.

Side note: When I was 14, I was denied countless opportunities, including this one. I reached out to WeDay but I was told I wasn’t able to attend, due to the location of the event (at the time the events only took place in Canada.) Instead, I supported the campaign from afar cheering on their work. 6 years later, I had the blessing of covering the event. It comes to show that your dreams are for you, things may not come in the way that you envisioned them, but they will come, in even better ways if you stay persistent and never give up. Don’t let denials keep you from living your dream. God’s got a plan greater than anything you can ever envision. Just believe.




Disclosure of Material Connection: We Day is supported by company initiatives such as Microsoft YouthSpark; a global, company-wide initiative to connect 300 million youth with opportunities for education, entrepreneurship and employment by 2015. Microsoft made it possible to cover this event and I am eternally grateful.Β  All thoughts and opinions are my own and a HUGE thank you to Zak, Kari and Claire for making this possible. I appreciate you all.




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