Uncle Joey’s Life Lesson

There is no secret to success. Growing up secretly watching Oprah from behind the couch, I instilled the belief in me that the most successful people in the world did nothing but follow their intuition by doing what felt right to them. As I’ve grown up, I have held onto this idea and have discovered many others who have as well, including one of the most loved actors of our childhood, Dave Coulier, or better known as Uncle Joey from Full House.

“CUT IT OUT, how and where did you meet him??” Well, my school happened to be hosting a Dating Show and I signed up to be a contestant for the show. Not to worry, I wasn’t on the prowl for my soul mate, just signed up for some chucks and giggles.

Before the show I was taken backstage to a room no larger than the size of a dorm; however it wasn’t like a dorm because Dave was sort of resting on the sofa. After staring for a good minute, I took a seat on the sofa next to Dave. Well, actually I laid my body across the sofa like an uncivilized human and begin to ask Dave all about his life.

What started as a two second conversation about how his contract requires cliff bars turned into one of the most intense conversations EVER.

“As a young person starting my career, what advice would you give me?”


David Coulier

Dave began by telling me about his early life. Growing up in a strict catholic home, it was assumed that Dave was going to attend a Catholic college upon graduation. After all, it was why his parents had invested so much money in sending him to a prep school for High School.  Only problem? Dave had no interest in going to college. In fact, he didn’t go to college. Immediately after graduation, he packed his bags and moved to Hollywood. However, he points, it was not because of all he had seen and heard, that would have led him to attend college. Instead he was in route to Los Angeles, because he knew this was exactly what he wanted.

He knew he wanted to be an actor. When referring to Dave’s industry, he states “After a while nothing is original, people start trying to remake things. And it just gets old.” In reference to Full House he said the series was so successful because it was an original.  In an age where beauty can be bought, stories can be replicated and people can be manipulated, we constantly strive to be like someone else. It isn’t rare to hear “ I want to be just like that person …I want her life ….” Soon enough people began to forget their own potential and all the talent that lies within themselves.

Dave went on to say, “I take pride in giving everything I do all I got.”

“Cynthia, do you want to know why I have been so successful? Cynthia, it is because I never skipped a ring on the ladder. Some people get to the top and they don’t know what to do when they get there.”

My advice?  There is no secret to success. “I can tell you how I did it and you can read how others did it but you will find that there is no one way going about it. You have to find your own path.”

You have to trust yourself and more importantly trust in your ability to desire, dream and to truly believe in all you are doing.


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