Me, You & 2014.

2013 was a year that proved dreams do come true. It was a year that proved you don’t ever stop learning, and that with great faith all things are possible. Yet it also showed another truth….that sometimes no matter how much you have, there will always be a bug in you that wants more. Believe in it, trust it and unleash it. This year was full of trying new things, and learning so much about myself.

I picked up a little bit of a new language…


I started belly dancing…

courtsey of fanpop

I learned how to code….


I went to Turkey for the weekend to give my first keynote!


2013 was full of the most unreal experiences….

I woke up on a random morning to find I would be going to church with this lovely person….


I biked through Germany with an awesome tour guide who traveled the world and came to the conclusion that no matter where he went there is only one truth about the world, “we all want to connect, we want to love and to be loved.”

biking berlin

God bless times like…..

Magically walking in the greenroom while Jude Law Β was getting his makeup done…


Getting soaked by a puddle on my way to shoot a piece for MTV...


Bonding with Uncle Joey who has left a permanent mark on my soul…


Visiting 14 states…getting lost in 13 of them….


Getting treated like a pharaoh by Jay Pharoah ….


Spending an evening with Muhammad Yunus, 100 of his closet friends and having a two hour conversation where he literally held on to my hand for an hour of it….


Having Natasha Bedingfield and 6 other artists randomly take the stage around 11PM and freestyle till the morning!


And my greatest memory of 2013…. drum roll please….

Spending the weekend in Amsterdam with my absolute best friend! Unlimited room service, personal drivers, backstage access, celebrity bashes, pulling all nighters, suite style rooms and meals in bed…it was THE WEEKEND of MY LIFE.


2013 was full of overcoming personal challenges and proving to myself that anything is possible.

I studied on planes ….buses and in between long work time I had 3 exams before and after a weekend of flying to Europe, with faith I aced them all and aced all my finals this semester…granting me the highest GPA since matriculating at BU. I don’t share this because it’s awesome to get A’s- that’s obvious- I share this because there were times where I felt I was failing and would have to discontinue school, I share this because it is my greatest accomplishment yet; to prove to myself that YES I can still manage school while also being involved in the outside world.

2013 was full experiences, mistakes and most importantly lessons…lessons about myself, lessons from those around me and lessons on this little thing we call life. Although I’ve been incredibly blessed with the ability to do so much, I still feel in my heart that there is SO MUCH MORE to see, to do and to be. That is why this new year, I am ready to try more, do more, and be more. I am excited to step into my own from all I have learned in 2013.

This year, I encourage you to step into your own space as well. 2013 was full of growth, freedom, fear…and utter beauty but 2014 is bringing with it a blank canvas where you can boldly express who you are. It will create 365 days where you can do absolutely what you want..when you want and where you want. I encourage you to pick up new goals and work on old dreams. Pick up a paper and write down your goals…but instead of writing surface level goals- what companies you’d like to work for …what car you’d like to own or what magazine you’d like to be on- I encourage you to dig deep, deep inside of yourself… to a place that knows no end …focus on what your inner most being would like to be, and from that you will be able to do all you’ve desired. This year step into who you are. Focus on living out your purpose by resurfacing old passions. Do things to make yourself happy. Focus your energies on making yourself whole.

Focus on becoming all that you are meant to be by simply doing one thing for yourself.Β  Start small.

Stop trying to do it all. Just do one thing. Try it, perfect it. Suck at it. Let it go, let in something new. Whatever you do, remember one thing….this year was made for YOU! Happy New Year!


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